We are happy to welcome our students back to our schools

on January 4th 2021!

We will be running a blended programme, combining face to face classes in our physical schools and in our virtual school: FL OnLine School. More informations here.

*subject to the health conditions imposed by the government and with the exception of schools in Biarritz and Martinique.

 French & Surf

French & Surf

Thrill seeker? Surf the world famous waves of Biarritz! Cosmopolitan and lively, Biarritz is the essential destination for surfers and one of the most welcoming cities in France. Ideal for thrill seekers who will discover a city that lives to the rhythm of the Atlantic Ocean.

 French & Surf
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All levels accepted
All levels accepted
Course begins every Monday except for beginners
Course begins every Monday except for beginners
1 lesson = 45 minutes
1 lesson = 45 minutes
12 students per group
12 students per group

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Biarritz, the surf paradise!

Surfing is a complete discipline that is practiced from an early age. The only constraint is to know how to swim!

The Côte des Basques beach in Biarritz is a perfect surf spot for all levels. A few minutes walk from the city center, the beach is framed by the cliffs, with a breathtaking view of Spain and the mountains.

At low tide, the waves are small and long, it is ideal for the initiation of beginners.

At high tide, the beach disappears to make way for the waves which are getting stronger and sometimes form rollers, allowing the more experienced skiers worthy of the greatest champions.


French lessons - 20 lessons per week


France Langue follows the directives of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and focuses its pedagogy around 5 language "tasks".






Course organization

Before your arrival, you will take a written test. When you arrive at school, you will have an oral test with our teaching team to validate your level.

Our classes are international in small groups of 12 students in order to encourage exchanges and interactions.

As far as possible, we form the groups in a homogeneous way: according to your results obtained in the level test or according to your needs and expectations.

All of our teachers are university graduates and native French speakers.


Our methodology is based on a communicative approach, the theory of which is that language is not acquired by imitation (and successive repetition), but by an active process of construction of meaning.

Our "communicative" courses revolve around language functions (informing, defending a point of view, ordering) and concepts (space, time, comparison, etc.).

At France Langue, learning French is not limited to mastering grammatical rules, but is based on broader knowledge such as:

- socio-cultural rules (i.e how to answer the question asked depending on the context - tone, vouvoyer)

- the rules ensuring textual coherence and cohesion (i.e relevant answer to a question)

- strategies for compensating for communication failures (i.e knowing how to reformulate or asking for details).

Our pedagogy is centered on you. You participate in the development of the programme that will be offered to you to achieve your linguistic objectives. The starting point of your learning being determined by your written and oral level test that you will take before your lessons.

Thanks to regular continuous monitoring, our teachers will ensure that your trajectory is the right one and that your progress is constant.

France Langue Biarritz's key of success


DELF - DALF exam center

Label Qualité FLE


Surf lessons - 5 sessions / week

You benefit from 5 lessons of 1h30 / week during the afternoon - the schedules vary according to the tides.
Surf lessons are held on the famous Côte des Basques beach, a 5-minute walk from the school and on the Anglet beach.
On the 1st day, an instructor will pick you up from school and take you to the beach. The following days, you go there alone. Depending on the weather conditions, the surf lessons can be moved to other beaches, in this case, transportation will be taken care of.

France Langue is a partner of the "Hastea" Surf school (which means "to learn" in Basque) and of the "Uhaina" Surf school (which means "wave" in Basque).

Following the French and surfing programme in Biarritz means:

  • Fully-qualified instructors of our partner surf school
  • Small groups of 8 students maximum
  • Course contents adapted to the levels and needs of the participants
  • All material provided by the surf school (wetsuits and boards)

Want to ride the most beautiful waves in France?