We are happy to welcome our students back to our schools

on January 4th 2021!

We will be running a blended programme, combining face to face classes in our physical schools and in our virtual school: FL OnLine School. More informations here.

*subject to the health conditions imposed by the government and with the exception of schools in Biarritz and Martinique.

 University Pathway

University Pathway

France Langue offers academic and administrative support along with university guidance for international students wishing to apply to a French University or a French Higher Education Institution. Eveything is taken care of before the students departure and on arrival in France : visa application - university registration - help to settle in France.

 University Pathway
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Beginning of classes: Monday, August 30, 2021 or Monday January 3rd, 2022!

Duration of the programme: 8 months (34 weeks) or 12 months (50 weeks)

University pathway programme

The objective of this programme is to make you join a university or a Grande Ecole (prestigious  French school) in the best conditions and give you all the keys to succeed in your French university.

Objectives of the programme

Get the required level
in French (B2 or C1)

Discover the French
university system

Master the technics of expression used in universities

The general French course

French classes take place in our schools based on 20 lessons per week. The objective is to improve your French level and to reach the required level to enter university (B2 / C1 confirmed according to the chosen university course).

12 months
(48 weeks)

6 months
12 lessons of general French face-to-face
6 lessons (themed workshop) online
2 lessons (virtual guided tour) online

6 months
12 lessons of general French face-to-face
6 lessons (university preparation wokshops) online

8 months
(34 weeks)

2 months
12 lessons of general French face-to-face
6 lessons (themed workshop) online
2 lessons (virtual guided tour) online

6 months
12 lessons of general French face-to-face
6 lessons (university preparation wokshops) online

The first part of the programme will focus on improving your level of French and achieving the required level to enter university. Then you will follow a specific exam preparation course to ensure you pass the DELF / DALF exam required to enter a university in France.

French for academic purposes

The last part of the programme will focus on your preparation for French university and your ability to take a lecture. The courses will be articulated around 4 major themes:


University methodology

France and
its institutions

French culture
and society

Syllabus of French for academic purposes

Linguistic development: explain, argue, debate in class around a newspaper article, a radio clip, a social issue or a French song.

University methodology: Presentation and real-life situation of the university methodology in general and the technical methodology requested at the university such as the summary, the oral presentation, the report, the speech, the note taking, the synthesis and dissertation.

France and its institutions: presentation of the school and university system in France, explanation of the university institutional framework and student life in France, introduction to the health system, introduction to political life and French institutions and lighting on the cultural French system.

French culture and society: the main lines of French culture and society will be presented to you: the History of France, the big cities and the French regions, the cultural movements (painting, literature, cinema), and the French university.

Conditions of acceptance to the programme

To have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

To be between 18 and 28 years old

Have a Baccalaureate degree or equivalent

French level: confirmed B2 -offical certificate mandatory (TCF or DELF B2)

Selective admission based on student academic project

Proof of sufficient funds

Administrative assistance (750€)

A dedicated team will help you with the administrative procedures before your departure and on arrival in France:

Before students’ departure:

  • Assistance with the visa application
  • Help preparing the academic project
  • Help finding an accommodation, if needed

In France:

  • Assistance upon arrival (OFII procedure – opening of a bank account)
  • Assistance completing the university application documents
  • Assitance finding a part-time job with our Work Experience department (20h/week)

Sample 12-month programme

Not included in the programme

Mandatory on-site French test

To validate your registration in a French university, an official French exam will be required. These exams will be taken in France, after a few weeks of improving in French.


TCF DAP: you must take this exam before your registration in the university for a bachelor’s degree. You can register with France Langue.

DELF B2 or DALF C1: you must take this exam before your registration in the university for a master’s degree. France Langue can help you register for the exam.
France Langue Biarritz is an offical exam center for the DELF and DALF exams.
Price between 100€ and 250€ depending on the exam and on the exam center.

Accommodation in option

France Langue can organize the accommodation for you for your entire stay in France.

Host family: Ideal solution if you want to improve faster your French level and immerse into the French culture. Different options are available: Bed and Breakfast or half-board.
From 200 € / week according to the place, the period and the chosen formula

Residence: Ideal solution for autonomous students. Fully-equiped studio perfect to be autonomous as soon as your arrival in France.
From 210 € / week depending on the period and availability.

Part-time Job in option

You will have the opportunity to work part time (20h / week) during your stay in France. A great way to earn money, practice your French and live a professional experience in France.

The job placement is organized by our Work Experience department which accompanies you and prepares you for the success of your interview and your professional experience.

Prices in 2021 - 2022

8 months
(34 weeks)

12 months
(50 weeks)


5 760€

8 640€


6 080€

9 120€


5 120€

7 680€

+ Assistance with administrative and
application procedures



Included: 34 or 48 weeks of French course –20 lessons/ week

Not included: France Langue registration fee (80€ in Bordeaux, 40€ in Nice and Lyon) / books (between 26 and 40€) / exams registration fee/ university and private institution fee


Documents to be sent to the school for your enrolment:

  • Registration form
  • Online French test
  • Official transcripts (Baccalaureat+ other degree) + translation
  • For Colombian students: SABER 11 + translation
  • Certified true copy of all diplomas and/or certificates + translation
  • Official recognition of their diploma (https://phoenix.ciep.fr/inscriptions/inscription.wse.aspx) -cost 70€ -delay up to 2 months
  • Resume in French
  • Passport
  • Last 3 bank statements
  • Birth certificate + translation
  • In case of acceptance at a university in your country: certificate of acceptance + translation
  • Letters of recommendation from professors or employers + translation
  • Portofolio for studies in an artistic field

Do you want to boost your studies and your future professional career?
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