French & Paid job

French & Paid job

Learn French while working in France!

 French & Paid job
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Minimum level B1
Minimum level B1
1 lesson = 45 minutes
1 lesson = 45 minutes
12 students per group
12 students per group

A full French programme

From 2 weeks of French lessons depending on your level:
• Aim: offer the opportunity to improve your French skills in a professional environment
• French courses in the heart of Paris
• A programme that fits your level and prepares you for the professional life

A work experience fully supervised in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurant, bars or retail stores)

From 3 months up to 12 months:
• A job contract and salary in accordance with the French law
• A serious employer, carefully selected
• A complete guidance and support by our dedicated team

Before your arrival

• Help and information
• Skype interview upon receipt of your application form (assessment of your level of French, your motivation, your expectations and needs; presentation of the programme)
• Sending of information sheets in order to help you organise your stay in France

On your arrival in France
• Welcome reception at our school: presentation of the leisure activities organized by the school, handing out of the student card that entitles you to many discounts
• Orientation session: handing of useful tips for administrative procedures (opening of a bank account, French phone number…)
• Interviews with host companies and support to hiring
• Help and instructions for obtaining the temporary work permit (if necessary)