We are happy to welcome our students back to our schools

on January 4th 2021!

We will be running a blended programme, combining face to face classes in our physical schools and in our virtual school: FL OnLine School. More informations here.

*subject to the health conditions imposed by the government and with the exception of schools in Biarritz and Martinique.

 French & Paid job

French & Paid job

Improve your French while working!
- Progress in French at school and at work
- Benefit from our professional network
- Enjoy a paid job
- "Experience life in the French way"

 French & Paid job
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Minimum level B1
Minimum level B1
1 lesson = 45 minutes
1 lesson = 45 minutes
12 students per group
12 students per group
Course with fixed start dates
Course with fixed start dates

Available at

Do you want to progress in French in a concrete environment? Do not wait any longer to fully live a professional experience in France with a paid job in the field of services!

Improve your French on a daily basis, at France Langue and at work

French lessons adapted to your level

The French courses are composed of 20 general French lessons, in international class where the accent is put on the oral and on the interaction between the students. In addition, you will follow linguistic or cultural workshops adapted to your needs.

In order to put the odds on your side, you will also attend 2 specialized workshops for your integration into a French company. These workshops will help you understand job interviews in France and how to best prepare for them.

Objective: to allow all participants to communicate easily in French in daily and professional situations and to get a job.

Duration:we highly recommend a 4-week course (2 weeks of the Paid Job programme + 2 weeks of General French class).

Workshops only

You can also take the workshops only.
4 lessons of thematic workshops + 2 lessons of specific Work Experience workshops

205 € for two weeks

Only the 2 lessons of specific Work Experience workshops
115 € for two weeks

Paid employment in services

Objective: to live a professional experience in the field you like (sales, catering and tourism).

Duration: from 3 to 12 months (French employment contract)

France Langue 's guarantees

- Support by our teams throughout your process
- A serious employer, rigorously selected by France Langue
- Up to 3 proposed interviews
- A work contract and remuneration in accordance with French law


Service +

Picture of Laurène

Laurène, Work Experience Program Manager.


Before your arrival
• Help and information
• Skype interview upon receipt of your application form (assessment of your level of French, your motivation, your expectations and needs; presentation of the programme)
• Sending of information sheets in order to help you organise your stay in France

On your arrival in France
• Welcome reception at our school: presentation of the leisure activities organized by the school, handing out of the student card that entitles you to many discounts
• Orientation session: handing of useful tips for administrative procedures (opening of a bank account, French phone number...)
• Interviews with host companies and support to hiring
• Help and instructions for obtaining the temporary work permit (if necessary)



We offer a paid job to all participants during the first month of their
stay in France. Job interviews take place during the first 4 weeks in Paris. The first interview can be scheduled during the first week.

Be reactive. Preparing and attending the interviews are mandatory.
You must be available at all times throughout the recruitment process in order to be informed about your next interview.
You should also contact us immediately after each interview. We have implemented a flexible schedule, allowing you to meet the employers when you are not in class. It may be that the interview takes place during the course; in that case, you must inform the school and your teacher. This case must remain exceptional.

Work in France

The opportunities of jobs are in the fields of tourism, retail store, and sale. The duration of the work contract depends on the needs of the employers but we take care of your preferences.
The job can be either part-time or full-time according to the sector, habits of the employers and your preferences.
We’ll take in account your level of French, your background and your behaviour in order to define your position, your tasks and responsabilities that will be given to you in the company.

All kind of professional experience will enrich your CV for the host company. We disclaim all responsibility for internal issues that might arise with management or employees in the company.

«The French & Paid Job» programme is a linguistic, cultural and
human experience. You will learn French at school and in a professional environment different from your country.
You will work in France and discover the workplace «à la française». To take full advantage of the job, you must adapt and show motivation, curiosity and dynamism. In order to guarantee an enjoyable atmosphere, it is important to communicate spontaneously with your supervisor and team.

Average salary

You can work full time (35h / week or 39h in the restaurant sector) or part time.
Whatever the job, you will receive a salary according to the amount of the minimum hourly wage in France. You will receive approximately 1150 € per month for a full time.

Ready to start?

Enrol minimum 2 months before your arrival!

Application form checked


• France Langue’s online
level test
• Application form (resume
and cover letter in French)

Step 2
Validation of your
application form

• Skype interview to define
and assess your project
• Acceptation to the programme
«French & Paid Job»

Step 3
Confirmation of participation
to the programme

• Enrolment at France Langue
• Payment of the stay or the deposit

The payment of the deposit (50% of the total amount of the programme) is required to confirm your enrollment into the programme «French & Paid job».

Think about it!

A complete application form includes:
• A resume in French (Word format)
• A cover letter in French (Word format)
• The results of your French level test
• A copy of your passport

You meet the following conditions

Are you between 18 and 30 years old? at France Langue and at work
Are you at an intermediate level in French (B1 minimum)?
Are you European or able to provide a Working Holiday Visa?
Are you able to cover financially the first two months of your stay?
Are you able to provide an international insurance?
Are you available for at least 3 months?

Don’t wait any longer to live your own experience in France!

They trust us...

The companies

"The France Langue teams have been able to offer us regular candidacies of serious, motivated and pleasant people, according to our needs.

We have concretized hiring of seasonal employees. These multilingual students were able to use their language skills in contact with our international clientele.

This professional immersion within our teams allowed them in return to develop their practice of French, while benefiting from a significant professional experience in the sectors of tourism and / or restaurant sector.

Fully satisfied with this partnership with France Langue, we wish to continue and develop our relations, in the framework of future recruitments just as qualitative. "

Recruitement Manager of a touristic boat company

"We welcomed for the third time an intern sent by France Langue. We shared experiences with different lengths and profils but all have been very satisfying.

The work place of an international hotel is perfectly adapted to the kind of professional experience for the students wishing to develop their language skills. Depending on the length of the internship, we were able to adapt to personalized careers with the agreement and the support of the France Langue teams. Each intern was able to integrate itself and bring their personnal touch to our team. 

We hope to keep on welcoming new interns through this programme and make our partnership grow in the coming years."


Director of a hotel residence in Paris.

"I have met Victoria from France Langue more than a year ago and she presented me the organization. We have talked about the mutual benefits that we could find in this partnership.

We are hiring for determined periods young people wishing to learn French. We are proposing different posts according to our needs and to the student's level and experience, especially in catering or reception. They are integrated to our teams and improve quickly. 

The students love to get rewarding tasks in terms of customer experience and that they are able to practice French in a workplace.

This allowed us to meet great people very motivated and interested in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Every time we have temporary needs, I get in touch with France Langue to see if they have new students available."

Director of a hotel in Paris

"Our partnership with France Langue since a year is a real success.

We have welcomed a dozen of students who have all been very well selected and who are very happy to work with us in both a French and cosmopolitan atmosphere."

A HR manager of an ice cream shop

Our students testify

Nadia patisserie 2

Nadia, 25, Mexican
Salesman in a cake shop

"With this program we have the opportunity to experience the culture and life of real French people. I enjoyed this trip while learning the language and discovering the culture."

joel billettiste

Joel,19, Swiss
In charge of the ticketing to Bateaux Parisiens

"Having the opportunity to work with the locals really gave me a real impression of life here as well as culture in France and making progress in French."


Federico, 19, Argentinian
Salesman in a bakery

"Thank you for everyhting you have done for me. Without you, I would have been lost here. My stay in Paris was wonderful thanks to you."

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