We are happy to welcome our students back to our schools

on January 4th 2021!

We will be running a blended programme, combining face to face classes in our physical schools and in our virtual school: FL OnLine School. More informations here.

*subject to the health conditions imposed by the government and with the exception of schools in Biarritz and Martinique.

 French & Coaching

French & coaching

Put all the chances on your side to find a job or an internship in France! Our team helps you in your steps, advises you and guides you to find the job of your dreams in Paris, Nice, Bordeaux or Lyon.

 French & Coaching
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The workshops are adapted to your level, your needs and your objectives.

With the programme, you will have 2 workshops of 1h30 specialized in professional French (managing concrete situations, preparation for the job interview, customer relations, professional relationship ...).

The teacher acts as a coach. He will be your guide for you to get ready for the job interview.

The purpose of these workshops is twofold: learn to introduce yourself and prepare for the job interview.

Introduce yourself: we will explain how to introduce you in a simple and concise way. During your practice, your behavior will be studied: look, speaking speed, ease, attitude.

The teacher will provide you with a solution or advice for each identified error.

Getting ready: part of the workshop will present the specificities of the job interview in France: what is it for? how long does it last? What questions will be asked?

Throughout the workshop, the teacher will give you the keys to succeed in your interview and get your job or internship. He will give you useful advice not to make mistakes and above all, he will present the subtleties of French companies (work contract, dress code, politeness, ...).

Coaching process throughout your stay

The CV and cover letter are corrected and sent by email with a complete list of the best research tools, an employer network share and all the information you need to know about labour law in France.

You follow a distance training session to guide and prepare you to succeed in your interviews (2x45minutes).

We help you with administrative procedures: work permit, opening a bank account, proof reading prospecting emails, labor contract,etc.). You do your own job or internship researches. You sign your contract and start your paid-job or internship.

Conditions of acceptance to the programme

To be between18 and 30 years old

French level: B1 minimum

To be available between 3 months and 1 year

To possess a work permit

To have an international multi-risk insurance

Registration on file

You must send your CV, cover letter (in French and Word format) the work permit and take the French test to validate your French level.

Additional informations

Financial compensation

You will receive the legal minimum wage according to the number of hours worked-around 1150 euros per month for a full-time job (between 35 and 39 hours per week) and at least 577,50 euros for an internship longer than 2 months.


The employment contract or the internship agreement

You sign your contract and start your job or internship. This contract is validated by the Work Experience team.


A team at your service

Victoria, Laurène and the whole Sales team have developed a rich professional network allowing them to offer you an accompaniment in adequation with your search of job or internship.

Dates of programme in 2021


04/01 –01/02 –01/03 – 06/04 –03/05 –31/05
05/07 – 02/08 – 06/09 –04/10 –02/11 –06/12


18/01 –15/02 –15/03 – 19/04 –17/05 –14/06
12/07 – 09/08 – 13/09 –18/10 –15/11


13/01 –10/02 – 09/03 – 14/04 –11/05 –08/06
13/07 –10/08 –14/09 – 12/10 –09/11


25/01 – 22/02 – 22/03 – 26/04 – 25/05 – 21/06
26/07 –23/08 – 27/09 – 22/11

Testimonials of the success of our students


"My name is Eleonora, I am 22 years old and I am Italian, I decided to settle in France for a year to learn the language and gain professional experience, I turned to the Coaching program" Work Experience" from the school France Langue. I took a French course for two weeks, in a class with people who had the same linguistic level as me and with whom I could easily build a dialogue.
The course was well structured and very useful for taking my first steps in oral French. From the beginning the school team already helped me get ready for my first job interview. Fortunately, the interview went well: I still work in the restaurant recommended by the team, in an environment with many other young people who have become friends. An experience that not only made me grow as a person, but also helped me improve my French.
Thanks to this experience, I was able to regain my independence. Initially, I only had to stay one year in France, but I finally decided to stay and continue my studies here, changing my plans and prospects for the future. "

"My name is Nathalie and before arriving in Paris I was already sure that the best way to learn French is to integrate in the country by working here. I was right after two weeks of classes at France Langue to improve my grammar and remember the vocabulary, I was found a job interview! I did a "specialized workshop" to train in maintenance (it was my first in French) and I did it right away, so I started my eight months of experience in a French pastry shop, I had a good taste of all the cakes (really all) and I always spoke French with all my colleagues and with the customers.
It was difficult at the beginning but during my last week, three different people told me "Ah you are not French? I did not know it! "What a great reward ... Here are the reasons why I did this course and this experience! In addition, I made many friends to the point of being sad when leaving Paris which became my second home! "

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