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 Standard long-term course 20 lessons

Long-term French courses in Paris

Develop your language skills in both spoken and written French through long-stay immersion programmes in the French language and culture. Intensive programmes of 20, 26 or 30 lessons per week in the heart of Paris.

 Standard long-term course 20 lessons
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All levels accepted
All levels accepted
Course with fixed start dates
Course with fixed start dates
1 lesson = 45 minutes
1 lesson = 45 minutes
12 to 18 students per group
12 to 18 students per group

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French courses in Paris

In the heart of Paris, in the district of famous writers and universities,      France Langue Paris Notre-Dame offers a long term course of general French whose objective is to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to communicate easily    in French or to live in France.

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The long term general French programme

The General French programmes are built around a general course of 20 lessons to acquire the basics of French language and to focus on the 4 key skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

This programme is flexible so that everyone can adapt their curriculum by choosing 3 additional modules (6 lessons) or 5 additional modules (10 lessons).

20, 26 or 30 lessons per week : Intensive French programmes for rapid progress!

Our long-term courses are available for all levels and fit in with our methodical progress process over 1 to 4 terms periods.

You will develop your language skills in both oral and written French via long-stay immersion in both French language and culture.

You can also enhance your programme by adding linguistic reinforcement or cultural discovery modules in order to familiarize yourself with the French workplace environment, prepare for French exams or for French higher education.

The long term programme details

20 lessons per week

Monday to Friday from 4:20pm to 7:30pm

6 lessons (3 modules)

10 lessons (5 modules)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
from 1pm to 2:30pm and/or 2:40pm to 4:10pm

These workshops allow you to improve faster, to master a particular language skill and enrich your knowledge of French culture: oral expression, writing expression, phonetics, litterature, civilization, French exam preparation or professional French.

Selling points

International classes of 18 students

Focus on oral communication

Individual pedagogical support to ensure an optimum rate of progression

The advice of a teacher out of the classroom (free tutoring session)

Development of all 4 main language skills: SPEAK, READ, WRITE and LISTEN

Qualified, experienced,
native French teachers

Label Qualité FLE



How do the classes work?  

The long term courses are general French classes in which you will work and practice all the aspects of the language each week throughout the term. Whether it is listening comprehension, reading of written texts, discussion and oral expression or writing expression, each element is an integral part of the classes, without forgetting grammar lessons, vocabulary and structures of the language to reinforce your French level.  

The aim of general French classes is to train you to speak and communicate in French in your daily life. Authentic documents, vocabulary, discussions, debates, interactive exercises : all is made to immerse you in real concrete situations, in an authentic situation of communication that you will encounter in your daily life in Paris or in any French speaking environment. Long term classes also introduce cultural elements through which you will discover different traditional and cultural aspects of France and of the francophone world and thus deepen your knowledge of the country and its culture while studying the language.  

The length of the long term programmes allows a monitoring of the students and a more adapted and personalised approach. The teachers get to know the students personally and can then answer to some of your needs and specific demands throughout the term.  

The classes are closed groups allowing you to develop a feeling of friendship and mutual support with your classmates throughout the term. It is not rare to see beautiful friendships begin within the walls of France Langue! 

Our pedagogy

At France Langue, we provide you with real solid and serious French classes in order to improve your level. However, French classes are very often interactive and playful. Songs, videos and games are part of our lessons so that the learning remains a moment of pleasure and sharing.

At the end of each term a personal progress report will be issued by the school and your teacher. This will underline your improvements, your capacities and your personal implication throughout the course in learning French. The report will also state the French level achieved at the end of the term. This level will be assessed by a moke-exam of DELF/DALF through which you will be able to show your capacities in French and to register for the next level (if you are registered for an additional term at the school).

The long-term programme in short:  

Long-term courses in France Langue Paris are:  


  • Closed groups offering a warm and friendly learning atmosphere and a close contact with the teachers and the other students;
  • A real personalised monitoring to give you the best chances of succeeding;
  • General French lessons where students work and practice all aspects of the language: oral (speaking and listening) French, reading French, writing French, communication in French, French vocabulary, French grammar, French culture.

 All the conditions to learn French in a warm, playful and interactive atmosphere. 

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