We are happy to welcome our students back to our schools

on January 4th 2021!

We will be running a blended programme, combining face to face classes in our physical schools and in our virtual school: FL OnLine School. More informations here.

*subject to the health conditions imposed by the government and with the exception of schools in Biarritz and Martinique.

 Combined course 20 lessons + 6 or 10 private lessons

Combined course 20 group lessons + 6 or 10 private lessons

Are you interested in learning French, meeting people from around the world but still having the opportunity to focus on specific topics during 1 to 1 sessions with a teacher? Our combined course is made for you!

 Combined course 20 lessons + 6 or 10 private lessons
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All levels accepted
All levels accepted
Course begins every Monday except for beginners
Course begins every Monday except for beginners
1 lesson = 45 minutes
1 lesson = 45 minutes
12 students per group
12 students per group

French lessons - 20 lessons per week

Mix group classes and private lessons to focus on your improvement points in order to progress faster.

Combined French courses - 26 or 30 lessons per week

The combined course is the programme you need if you want to exchange with students from all over the world, share your experiences and knowledge of French and France, work on grammar, vocabulary, written and oral skills and also have a moment alone with a teacher to progress according to your needs and your desires.

Our combined courses are open to all levels. They start every Monday (except for complete beginners who have specific dates) for the duration of your choice (one week minimum).

Courses organization


20 lessons of General French in group
(15 hours)

6 lessons of
general or professional French
in private lessons (4h30)


10 lessons of
general or professional French
in private lessons (7h30)

Combined course contents

Main course in group - 20 lessons per week

When you register, you complete a written test online to evaluate your level in French. Upon your first day at France Langue, your level will be confirmed by an oral test with a teacher or an educational advisor. You will then be oriented in a class adapted to your level.

There is a small number of 12 international students per class. It allows a longer speaking time for everyone and enables exchanges and conversations in class. This is the perfect opportunity to create strong links with students from all around the world.

In class, the only language used is French for immediate and total immersion.

Private lessons - 6 or 10 lessons per week

Private lessons will be scheduled in the morning or afternoon, depending on the main course.

  • Rhythm for 6 lessons: 3 x 1h30 or 2 x 2h15 / week
  • Rhythm for 10 lessons: 5 x 1h30 or 3 x 2h30 / week

Private lessons offer targeted and individualized training in general French or professional French (Business French, French Tourism and Hospitality, French Law, ...).

Indeed, you will need to fill out a needs sheet to explain your specific needs and goals. The teacher will make every effort to suit to your needs and even go beyond them.

The pedagogical programme is tailor-made and adjusted according to your progress during your stay at France Langue.

The pedagogic goals of the programme

Development of all 4 main language skills: speak, read, write and listen in French

Speak with fluency and accuracy in every day situation, for professional or academic purposes according to the learners' goals

Improve vocabulary and core grammar skills

Develop knowledge of French culture and civilization

At France Langue, our main concern is to make you progress in French so that you are independent on a daily basis.

Our goal is to teach you to speak, read, understand and write in French.

Our pedagogy, based on a communicative and action-oriented approach, guides you to carry out "tasks" in the classroom that you can immediately reuse when leaving the school: order a dish in a restaurant, buy a French baguette, read a metro plan, or ask for information are some examples.

Throughout your stay at France Langue, you will be evaluated by your teacher to ensure that your progress is always consistent and in line with the rest of the group. Every Friday, the teacher will check that you have acquired and understood the new skills seen during the week. Once you have completed a level, you will take a mock DELF / DALF exam to confirm your move to the next level up. At the end of your stay, we will issue you a certificate of end of session mentioning the number of hours of courses followed and the level you have reached.

The France Langue schools are exam centers, you can at any time ask to take an official French exam in order to evaluate and certify your level of French.

Combined course key features

  • Classes are only in French
  • Qualified, experienced, native French teachers. Our teachers have a great experience of teaching French in France and abroad, they master the levels of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Programmes open to all levels
  • learning pace tailored to your needs
  • Courses begin every Monday, all year round and for the duration of your choice
  • Individualised educational follow-up to guarantee the best progression

The opinion of France Langue's students

France langue student


"There were good explanations in the class and with my teacher I could choose what really interests me to work."



"I loved the possibility to talk French with people from all over the world. The course was great! Thank you."

France langue student


"I thank the teachers for their teaching and all their patience, in my group class and in my private class."

Our teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions.