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 Exam preparation course: DELF / DALF

Exam preparation course: DELF / DALF

French language certifications for non-French speakers, issued by the French Ministry of National Education. This diploma is essential to register for university in France (level B1, B2 or C1 asked according to the chosen studies).

 Exam preparation course: DELF / DALF
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Minimum level B1 except in Biarritz (all levels)
Minimum level B1 except in Biarritz (all levels)
Course with fixed start dates
Course with fixed start dates
1 lesson = 45 minutes
1 lesson = 45 minutes
12 students per group
12 students per group

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Diploma in French Language
For the levels
A1, A2, B1, B2 of the CEFR*.

Advanced diploma in French language
For the levels
C1 and C2 of the CEFR*.

* More information on French levels here.

Over a period of 5 to 7 weeks, deepen your knowledge of the French language and practice the most famous and recognized French exam in the world: the DELF or the DALF.

These diplomas are valid without any time limit and are mandatory when you enrol in most of the French universities.

DELF and DALF exam preparation - 30 lessons per week

French classes take place in our schools on the basis of 20 lessons per week (standard course in general French) + 10 exam preparation lessons.



Development of all 4 main language skills: SPEAK, READ, WRITE and LISTEN

Improve vocabulary and
core grammar skills

Speak and write with fluency and accuracy in every day situation/ professional/or academic purpose.

Develop knowledge of
French culture and civilization

Course organization

Programme details

30 lessons per week with 20 lessons of general French + 5 workshops of 1h30

Depending on your level determined by a written test before the arrival and an oral test upon the first day of the courses, the pedagogic team will guide you to the best workshops according to your needs and your success objectives:

  • Linguistic workshops for oral and written communication skills
  • Linguistic workshops for oral and written production skills
  • Cultural workshops 
  • Exam preparation workshops

The workshops allow you to practice fast reading, careful listening, how to identify key information, communicate on specific exam topics, consistently argue and presente critical analyzes. These elements are decisive for the success of your French exam.

Duration of the programme

For the DELF, we recommend a stay of at least 5 weeks in France for a complete preparation.
• 4 weeks of exam preparation courses
• 1 to 2 weeks of examination depending on the level

For the DALF, we recommend a stay of at least 7 weeks in France for a complete preparation.
• 6 weeks of exam preparation courses
• 1 to 2 weeks of examination depending on the level

Depending on your level, a shorter stay is possible. Examinations can also be held on Saturdays. There are no classes during the exam week. You can register for additional workshops or private lessons. France Langue can not be held responsible for decisions made by the exam center.

Date of the programme

Find below more about our two programs for DELF and DALF exams preparation in our schools of Biarritz and Nice.

In order to put the odds on your side, we advise you to follow a program of 4 weeks minimum for DELF and 6 weeks minimum for DALF.



DELF / DALF preparation - choice of duration - start of lessons every Monday.

Date of the exam: August 22, 23 and 24 (exam not compulsory)

Deadline for registration for the exam July 23
(complete file + payment)



DELF B1 and B2 only preparation - minimum duration of 4 weeks - start of classes every Monday.

Date of the exam: August 19, 20, 21 (exam not mandatory).

Deadline for registration for the exam July 22
(complete file + payment)

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If you want to prepare for the DELF exams in our schools in Paris, Bordeaux or Lyon, we offer:
- 20 lessons of general French face to face in one of our schools
+10 lessons in specific DELF preparation workshops online.


Our pedagogical project is based on the personalization of the courses and the individual support of the students. France Langue has developed a pedagogy with adapted rhythms, progressions and activities so that each student can achieve the level of French according to the CEFR.

In class, the approach is always communicative and action-oriented. The goal of the teacher is to help you progress in French so that you are comfortable everyday in the professional world or at university. The action perspective translates into the development of language skills through the accomplishment of "tasks" such as writing an e-mail (written production), answering a simple question (oral expression), taking notes in class (listening comprehension), read a press article (written comprehension), talk about one's tastes (vocabulary), ...

The teacher gives everyone a longer speaking time thanks to limited groups of 12 students. Classes are international and exclusively in French to encourage conversation and exchange.

To ensure a constant progress and successful completion of your exam, you will be evaluated regularly in class and personalized support will be offered in the form of a free 30-minute tutoring with a teacher. It is necessary to remember that the success of a DELF or DALF exam implies a great involvement in your studies, a constant classroom presence and personal work outside of class.

The teachers of France Langue are graduated of the university and of French mother tongue. They are also qualified and trained in the DELF and DALF events and can bring you all their experience and expertise to help you pass your exam.

During your preparation programme, you will be trained to take the exam in real conditions. You will receive a personalized correction of the test and we will give you keys and tips to pass your exam.


  • Paris: Prosodia
  • Nice: CIV Valbonne
  • Bordeaux: Alliance Française and/or Université Bordeaux 3
  • Biarritz: France Langue Biarritz
  • Lyon: Acfal Formation

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