Discovery programme – FL Paris Notre-Dame

Discovery programme - FL Paris Notre-Dame

France Langue has designed specific French training courses to meet your needs and goals, and compatible with your working hours. A wonderful and memorable experience in France to develop academic, professional skills and confidence!

 Discovery programme – FL Paris Notre-Dame
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Level A1 to C1
Level A1 to C1
1 lesson = 45 minutes
1 lesson = 45 minutes
12 to 18 students per group
12 to 18 students per group
Course with fixed start dates
Course with fixed start dates

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6 general French lessons + 1 lecture (2 lessons) to choose among:
• French history
• Literature
• Civilisation
• Art history


• Communicative and task-based approach
• Range of motivating activities to enhance interacting, speaking, listening, writing and reading skills, and develop knowledge of French culture
• Continuous assessment and final exam (DELF-DALF type)
• Varied teaching materials: text books, newspapers, literature, Internet, multimedia, etc.


Our courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference.
• Improve communication skills
• Improve vocabulary and core grammar skills
• Develop knowledge of French culture and civilisation
• Speak and write with fluency and accuracy in every day situation, for professional and/or academic purposes according to the learners’ goals and levels in French
• Prepare for exams


• Extra study outside class required
• Attendance and participation required for fast learning
• End-of-course certificate stating the number of classroom hours and the level reached


Very comprehensive programme of leisure and cultural activities provided every week: evening activities or visits, film club, guided tours of Paris, food tastings, weekend excursions to Normandy, Loire Valley, etc.