General French

General French

Do you want to learn French to prepare for a trip to France or a French speaking country? Do you want to be able to communicate easily in French with your friends and family and improve your level? Choose one of our General French programmes!

General French
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  • Weekly Standard course - 20 lessons
  • Weekly Intensive course - 26 lessons
  • Weekly Super Intensive course - 30 lessons
  • Standard long-term course 20 lessons
  • Intensive long-term course 26 lessons
  • Long-term Super intensive course - 30 lessons
  • Combined course 20 lessons + 6 private lessons
  • Combined course 20 lessons + 10 private lessons
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Weekly courses

The most popular course for all levels! Our weekly programmes are available for all levels and every week. They are varied and flexible to meet your needs and goals. They combine general French and themed workshops that will allow you to progress faster, improve your language skills and enrich your knowledge of French culture!

Long-term courses

Our long-term courses are available to all levels and follow a progression methodology over 1 to 4-term. They combine general French classes and thematic workshops: reinforcement of communication skills, French culture and civilisation, professional French, etc.

Combined courses with private lessons

Combined courses are designed for students who want to combine general French classes with private lessons, to benefit from a special attention, to focus on specific topics and to progress faster!

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