DELF / DALF : Preparation

France Langue Schools offer preparation for this diploma across all of its courses.

The DELF (Diploma in French Studies) and the DALF (Advanced level diploma of the French Language) are certifications of French language abilities for non-native speakers of French, administered by the International Centre for French Studies (CIEP) for France's Ministry of Education. They are composed of four independent diplomas corresponding to the first four levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Each level evaluates the four communication skills: oral comprehension, written comprehension of the written production, and the production and oral interaction.

DELF A1 (from 60 to 100 hours of French)
This is the beginner or “breakthrough” level of language use.
The student is able to interact in a simple way: he can talk about himself and his immediate environment.

DELF A2 (Approximately 200 hours of French)
This is the basic user level of the European Framework. It demonstrates a command of basic structures of the language.
The student is able to perform simple tasks of daily life.

DELF B1 (Approximately 400 hours of French)
This diploma is for intermediate or “threshold” users.
It demonstrates an ability to understand and maintain a discussion and give one’s advice and opinion, to deal with situations of daily life.

DELF B2 (Approximately 600 hours of French)
This diploma certifies a degree of independence and a general command of the language.
The student is able to develop, defend and argue a point of view.

DALF C1 (Approximately 800 hours of French)
DALF is the level required for entry into most French universities. It demonstrates an effective and operational command of the language from independent users.
The student can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, recognise implicit meaning, and use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.