Welcome to our group zone. These pages are for those who are planning to organise French study abroad for a group of students. Let us know what you need, and we’ll organise your stay from A to Z!

Looking to organise a trip to France with a group?

Whether it is a language learning or a touristic school trip, a team building seminar, a holiday with friends or family, we will make sure you get what you are looking for! !

Examples of trips

Language& Culture

Know-how & Heritage

Sport & Nature

History & Heritage

French lessons*

+ activities of your choice (guided visits, museums, “bateaux mouches”,Disneyland, French gastronomy)


French lessons*

+ activities of your choice (Cooking course with local products, wine tasting, excursion to Saint-Emilion)


French lessons*

+ activities of your choice (Surf, golf, kayaking, hiking, discovery of the Basque country)


French lessons* 

+ activities of your choice (Monaco, Eze Village, Perfume creation workshop,visit of local markets)


* Other options: “Science”, “Nature and Environment”, “Art”…

Starting from 6 people

    Cooking lesson, Paris    

La Rhune, Basque country

Panoramic view, Nice

Tailored programmes

We organise personalised programmes according to your needs and length of stay in France. So you can choose whether you want French classes alone, classes + cultural activities, accommodation, transport and more!

You can book one aspect or a complete package!

Here is an example of a weeklong programme for a group of secondary students:














(transportation and lunch included)






Lunch pack

Lunch pack

Lunch pack

Lunch pack



Arrivals and transfers

Sightseeing and cultural rallies

Sport activities





Free time



Free time


Goodbye drinks



Classes are organised according to the students’ age, their interests and the group objectives.

  • General French classes

  • Specialised classes: exam preparation, business French, medical French, tourism and hospitality French, etc.

  • Classes combined with a cultural activity or sport: French and French heritage, French and French wine, French and golf, etc.

Sessions are organised around an activity, enabling the students to communicate as much as possible in French, increasing their fluency: role-plays, questionnaires, debates and other activities...

You choose the class frequency. For example, 15 classes a week leaves free time in the afternoon. A more intensive learning programme of 20 to 25 classes a week would maximise your French language learning.

If you’d prefer not to take French classes, we have plenty of other options available. We would be happy to help you organise a programme of activities and excursions to help you discover the city, the surroundings and the French culture.

Leisure, cultural and sports activities

Activité culturelles dans notre école de français à Nice : Visite d'une parfumerieWe organise plenty of leisure, cultural and sports activities so you can discover France in your own way, through your own interests. Guided tours, excursions, sports, shows, food and wine tastings, social events, and much more! We know the region and its seasonal events well, adapting our programme to ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable and well-rounded French experience!

For example, a stay in Paris might combine cultural tours of the Louvre, the Château de Versailles and Montmartre, with fun visits to the Eiffel Tower, water tours on the bateaux-mouches or trips to Euro Disney, or intriguing activities like cooking classes with a major chef or a night out in Paris.

We also offer excursions to the French regions of interest like the Mont Saint-Michel, Alsace, and the Loire Valley and its famous Châteaux – the list goes on!

We know that each group is different, and should be treated accordingly; we’re here to make sure that get the most from your time in France.


We have several different accommodation packages to meet your needs for French learning, budget, length of stay and the size and type of your group.


Hébergement en famille If you want to discover French life, be part of a family, practice your French and make progress quickly, then staying with a host family is ideal. Our host families, carefully selected by our housing service, are happy to welcome you into their home. You can share some or all meals with the family, participating in discussions.

When you travel as a group we are careful to select host families that meet your requirements: whether that be individual or shared accommodation in the same home, or finding families that live in the same area, etc.

Students spend the night with the host family, coming together in the morning for that day’s activities.

Group members can also get together in the evenings in a restaurant, or go out after dinner with their host families.

Residence halls

Hébergement en résidence These international residence halls offer rooms and amenities to be shared with other residents: showers, WC and kitchen are often communal areas that encourage socialising with other residents from different countries. In some residence halls, rooms are equipped with a private shower and/or a small kitchen area.

This type of housing is perfect for groups looking for an economical stay in France: you can enjoy the independence of having your own room, coming together as a group every evening in the common areas.

These residences are organised into different categories: that’s why it’s important to choose the one that best meets your needs. Just let us know what your requirements are, and our team will help you choose the residence that’s right for you. Why not contact our group coordinator today?

Apart hotels and serviced apartments

appart'hotel pour groupes These are residential buildings with fully equipped studios or small apartments that are generally rented by the week. All accommodations have a private shower or bathroom, a kitchen area and a living space with a table for meals. Typically, bed and bath linen is provided.

The advantage of apart hotels is the large range of hotel services on offer.

This type of accommodation combines independent living and the amenities of a fully equipped apartment, with (various levels) of hotel services. The advantages of this type of accommodation for a group, is that you can all be together on one site. In addition to enjoying a certain level of comfort, like a private bathroom and dining room, you can also get together in an apartment for supper now and then!


Hébergement en hôtel We offer a large range of hotels to meet every budget.

A hotel stay means you can enjoy freedom of movement and greater proximity to the school. As well, the daily services offered by hotels provide a real level of comfort. Each member of your group can enjoy his or her room, meeting up after another exciting day.

Apartment rental

Hébergement en location If you’re planning a longer stay in France, or if your group is a small one, you might consider renting an apartment. Your small group can enjoy an economical and comfortable stay in a studio or shared apartment. 

We’ll be happy to help you find what you’re looking for, so you can get down to living life ‘à la française’!

Practical information

Host Family Selection

Our housing team ensures that all our host families meet our strict selection criteria.

Individual or double rooms must be comfortable and equipped with storage areas, and the sheets must be changed weekly. Meals are to be varied and substantial, and eaten with the family to provide our students with the social experience of family life.

A first screening interview is carried out by telephone to check that the family meets our initial standards, and is then followed up with a visit to the family home. The host family is fully aware of the school’s rules for student behaviour.

In accordance with our quality charter, we visit host families every 2 years. If we receive negative feedback or evaluations from our students, we immediately visit the host family in question, withdrawing them from our approved roster as necessary. However, as our selection process is fairly stringent, this is a rare occurrence.


Our schools are in or near the town centre, and close to many snack bars, restaurants and cafés.

If you choose the option of full board in a host family, they will provide you with a packed lunch for weekdays. Evening meals are eaten with your family to encourage your language practice. Depending on the option you choose, you can alternate eating in with the family, and eating out with the other members of your group.

You should be aware that breakfast in France is a light meal, and doesn’t include hot or savoury foods, unless you are staying in a hotel, which often provides a savoury buffet (cheese, meat, etc.).

If there are group members with special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies, etc.) or medical requirements, you must inform us beforehand.


We do everything we can to ensure the safety of all our students, regardless of age, during their stay. We recommend that there is 1 chaperone for every 15 students, to ensure their safety at all times.

Host families enforce a curfew for students under the age of 18. Each student knows about about the rules for community living and must follow these rules.

Arrival transfers

We organise transfers upon your arrival according to your type of stay, the size of your group, your accommodations and your budget.

Our team is ready to furnish price estimates for a package tailored to your needs, the size of your group and the length of your stay. Contact us today!