Students Au Pair

Being an Au Pair is a great way to learn a new language, as I live with a French family. It also gives me a unique opportunity to experience the French culture that I find so beautiful! I choose France Langue because the mom in my au pair family has used this school for all the previous au pairs and she really recommended it. What I like about France Langue is that we are in small groups, as it’s easier to ask questions and learn French.

Torny, Norvége

I wanted to come to Paris/France because I had learnt French at school and I wanted to improve. Being an au pair was the best option for me because I like children and I wanted a family to show me their culture. I had learnt French at school and I wanted to improve and what better place to do than France! I love the language, it’s very beautiful. My host mum showed me some options and I chose France Langue because it was the best location, it had the perfect program, best semester times and it was also reasonably priced. I especially love my French professor Anne-Sophie, she is very knowledgeable and helpful in how she teaches French language. The atmosphere is also great, I feel very comfortable at France Langue.

Holly, New Zelande

Being Au pair is a good job where we can learn to be with children. I’m very satisfied with France Langue. The teachers are very dedicated and using immersion I believe is the perfect way to learn a language. The school has gathering cultural events and trips that are worth attending always.

Clara, American

Being Au pair is a good job where we can learn to be with children. I’m very satisfied with France Langue. The teachers are very dedicated and using immersion I believe is the perfect way to learn a language. The school has gathering cultural events and trips that are worth attending always. Clara , American

I am au pair because I love children and I always wanted to travel and lived in Europe. I choose France because I lived here once before and I loved it. I also wanted to learn French so that I could volunteer for the Peace Corps in Africa. I found France Langue on the internet and it looked like the best option and the least expensive of the language schools in Paris. What I appreciated most about my experience at France Langue was having the opportunity to meet other people with similar interests and diverse backgrounds. It was easy making friendships with my fellow classmates and on account of this, the classroom became a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Ashley , American.

Students General Courses

Over the last several years I've enrolled in the Institut Parisien five times.I've enjoyed the teachers and the program, finding the school's setting and the spirit of the staff warm and welcoming. My particular use of the school's program is to take a morning class, then to enjoy Paris the rest of the day, having "warmed up" my French.
I think the Institute is a wonderful portal into France, Paris and its culture. I recommend it highly.

Frank, USA

My time at the Institut Parisien has been a series of life-changing experiences. The staff are wonderful and the teachers and fun, friendly and professional. The setting and atmosphere at Institut Parisien are ideal not just for learning French, but for immersing one's self into French culture. More than that, my time at Institut Parisien has taught me a great deal about cultures around the world through interaction with my fellow students -- yet, all the time, we are improving our French language skills. I can't imagine a better combination! At the Institut Parisien, you have fun, you get to know interesting people who you would otherwise never talk to and you learn to speak French -- all at the same time. (I am still close friends with fellow students and teachers at the Institut Parisien from 5 years ago.)
I love everything about the Institut Parisien. I think the prices are reasonable, the class times are convenient, the class sizes are small, the professors are terrific, the exposure to French and international culture is amazing and when I walk out the door, I speak better French than when I walked in. What more could one ask for?

Richard, USA

Institut Parisien office

I have found that Institut Parisien is a great school, especially for Au Pairs. I think the teachers are friendly, the courses are really suitable for au pairs and that the school is a great way to meet new people.

Anneliese, Australie

I really appreciated the small classes and the friendliness of the teachers. The teachers are very professional and attentive to individual needs. I can’t believe how much French I’ve learned in such a short time. I instantly felt part of the host family and their cuisine was absolutely gorgeous.

David, United-Kingdom

I really enjoyed the visit to St. Emilion ( specially the wine tastingJ ). And then I really fell in love with Arcachon , it’s very, very pretty. I had a wonderful time in Bordeaux, and at France Langue! Everyone was always willing to help, and the teaching staff is excellent!

Jose Ramon Camejo Silva, CEO of Education Aroud the World, Venezuela

Just a short feedback to mention that generally speaking I have enjoyed my stay in Nice and in particular I would like to congratulate you for the great combination of Frensh and sport, it has been exceptional. Mr. Olivier is a very passionate person, dedicated and professional in his job, I will highly recommend him in the future. Thank you once again!.

Larisa, Istanbul

The sport course is in general the perfect way to get in shape, learn French and see the different places/areas around Nice. Through my 4 weeks course I have got in much better shape and my oral French skills has improved. The course will be adjusted to your physical level and shape, so it’s not a demand to be in good shape on advance. During my course I have been running and walking a lot, but the distances and terrain (uphill, downhill, stairs etc.) has differed. Every workout has been taking place at a new spot for example have I been to Eze, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Mount Bouron etc. It has been a great experience to explore the different areas and get to see the beautiful views as Cote D’azur has to offer, because I wouldn’t have gone there myself. Besides the running and walking, we have done a lot of exercising for the arms, legs and stomach, so you’ll get to do strength training as well. One time we went to a Fitness center, where I joined a “Step” class and “Bodybalance”, which was a very funny experience too. Furthermore the course has been a very good way of practicing my French, because I had to speak French with the trainer, Olivier, which is the best way of learning a language. And Olivier has been very patient and helpful with my French. In general he has made a great effort to give me the best experience while getting in shape. It has been a real pleasure!

Cecilie, Norwegian

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