Selection criteria

Documents to be supplied

Willingness to enroll

- Registration form from Ecoles de Condé filled in

- Registration form from France Langue filled in

- 4 photos ID

- Ecole de Condé deposit payment of 2 000 € or proof of bank transfer.

Level of French: 

• If level is A1 : Application file rejected 

• If level is between A2 and B1 : Compulsory French Courses + 4 weeks of university preparation course

• If level more than B2 (even C1) : Compulsory 4 weeks of university preparation course

French Level Certificate (DELF/DALF ou TCF) or copy of the french diplom(s)  obtained.

If the candidate does not possess any document evidence, a French test has to be returned (France Langue supplies it). This test will be validated before transmission to Ecoles de Condé.

NB : If the candidate doesn't obtain the required level and refuses to take french courses, he won't be admitted and his Application file will be returned within 8 days.

Possess a valid Passport for the period of the stay. 

Copy of the Passport

To be able to financially support his or her stay + studies: 15 000 €

Banking certificate 

Ambition : self-willed candidate, motivated, wishing to attend courses in Art professions in one of Ecoles de Condé's schools

Cover letter in French or English 


- The certified copy of grade papers and studied subjects

- If applicable, the obtained diplomas (translated into French or English)

Artistic experience: If there is a  portfolio with  artistic works that demonstrates  motivation, it could be an advantage to send it but it is not an obligation.

Numerous students integrate Ecole de Condé without a very good level of drawing but quickly progress and reach a convincing level even from the first year.

A Portofolio or artistic works CD (optional).


Nadine Vallejos :