General French programmes

Do you want to learn French to prepare for a stay in France or a French speaking country? Do you want to be able to communicate freely in French with your family and friends and improve your level?

Choose one of our General French programmes!

Cours de français pour débutants à France Langue

French for beginners

This course in an introduction to French language and French culture. It is designed for students who have never learned French or whose knowledge is limited to just few words.


Cours hebdomadaires de frnaçais à France Langue

Intensive weekly courses

France Langue offers intensive weekly courses, available for all levels, which focus on the 4 key skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).


cours trimestriels de français à France Langue

Long-term intensive courses

 Our long-term courses are available for all levels and fit in with our methodical progress process over 1 to 4-term or 4-month periods.


Etudiant en cours particuliers à France Langue

Private lessons

A tailor-made solution designed in accordance with the level of the participants and theire particular speed of learning, one-to-one lessons are ideal to meet specific individual requirements.


Ateliers thématiques de français à France Langue

Specialised modules

Personalise your course thanks to in-depth linguistics and cultural modules.


conversation courses of French in France

Conversation courses

Do you wish to improve your speaking fluency?
Come and join our conversation classes and learn French in a fun and studious atmosphere. Time is subject to change depending on the school, the season and the availability.


evening courses of French in Paris, Bordeaux and Biarritz

Evening courses

Are you busy during the day working hard or running some errands? Are you planning to relocate in a French speaking country but still want to improve your level in French? Our evening courses are made for you!